How to earn money in Blockchain Cuties

Hi! Previously I wrote a review of the cryptocurrency game Blockchain Cuties, today I will talk a little bit about how to earn ETH by playing it.

There are currently 3 main ways of generating income:

  • Sale of in-game items
  • Selling your cuties
  • Auction for crossbreeding their cuties

Now, in order, about each of the earning options and approximate figures.

Selling items in Blockchain Cuties

There are currently 170 items in the game. Most items can be dropped after winning an adventure, after which they can be dressed up or sold. The prices of items vary widely, with the most expensive being items from sets and some potions.

In The Snowy Mountain adventure, which is available to all from the start of the game, there is a 0.1% chance of obtaining 1 of the 3 items from the Arctic set after winning.

This set can of course be sold, at the moment the combined value of all three items is 0.0777 ETH ($32.16 at the exchange rate of $414).

Selling Cuties

The next way to earn money in Blockchain Cuties is to sell your milahs. You can get them in two ways:

  • Buy in shop
  • Gain in the course of reproduction

Depending on how you get your cuties, there will be a corresponding cost. The cheapest option is to pair two milahs of your own, so you only pay the Ethereum fee. A more expensive option is to find a second milah that is auctioned for breeding, then you will need to pay the second player to mate and pay the commission.

The most expensive option (it all depends on the generation, 0 is the most expensive and then the cheapest), but not the worst one is to just buy a cutie from a shop.

Then to make money in Blockchain Cuties you will need to sell the cutie, and here the amount of your earnings will depend on several factors:

  • The main factor is your cost of getting the cutie; the lower it is, the more you will potentially earn
  • Sweetheart level – pumped up after wins/losses in adventures
  • Worn items – if a sweetheart is wearing a rare item or even a set, it will cost more accordingly
  • Attributes and aristocracy – attributes directly affect the appearance of the cutie, and having an aristocracy gives extra uniqueness
  • Demand – if there is a demand for a particular type of mileage, they will naturally be bought, perhaps even at an inflated price
  • Condition of kulduns – the shorter the kuldun for breeding and adventure, the better for the buyer

Making money from reproduction in Blockchain Cuties

The last way to make money at the moment, is to put your milahs in the shop for reproduction. The idea is simple – you have a mylah, you put up a breeding price and specify the duration of the auction, then your mylah goes to the shop, where someone can pay you for breeding. Then if the person sends you ETH for breeding, he gets an egg in return and your mylah comes back to you.

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