This will be a long guide, along these lines, first off, you can present yourself with some espresso or something different and let me educate you regarding the first playable blockchain game on the EOS stage.

Now, there are not really any individuals who are keen on the blockchain and have not known about collectible games like cryptocics. What’s more, presently, presently there are an ever increasing number of intriguing activities that are far better than them, and today I will disclose to you precisely about a particularly game. Meet EOSKnights.io

But first you need:

  • Chrome or another modern browser
  • EOS account (how to create an account? Just below)
    There are two options for how to create an EOS account now:
  1. Ask someone to create an account for you, but accounts are not free.
  2. Use a tool that offers this opportunity, which a small commission will take for it.

Personally verified is https://www.zeos.co
You can pay for ETH, BTC, LTC, BCH. The site uses the payment module Coinbase or Alfacoins, everything looks quite reliable.
There are NamevaultEOSStartEOS Account Creator

A standard record should contain 12 characters (az; 1-5), likewise in the eos network “wonderful records” you can get them at a bartering of records for a specific sum. They might be with less characters. After you make a record, you should bring the keys into Scatter, which you got while making your record.

  • Scatter is a browser extension.
  • Have on your wallet from 5-10 EOS saved for the CPU network power, not including the hold for NET. 0,2-1 EOS under NET is sufficient for now. I note this doesn’t imply that the game requires a charge, no. This is only the standard of the EOS organization, these assets were and will stay on your wallet, the blockchain saves for you a segment of your assets in relation to your coins, which you can generally open and use following 3 days. This is a component of the organization, which by the path assists with ensuring your assets, since, in such a case that somebody attempts to take your keys, he won’t pull out your cash inside 3 days, and this time is sufficient to change every one of the “passwords-passwords”

Likewise, it is important the way that the game designers assumed control over the installment for the Ram network asset, so you don’t need to stress over getting it.

So how about we start: The game interface is appeared in the screen capture beneath. There are four fundamental tabs in the game:

Battle, Material, Item, Pet.

Now more


Here we can notice the course of the fight and furthermore switch between the tabs of our characters, in which you can change weapons, pets and even art. Right when the fight finishes, and it generally finishes with the “demise” of every one of your characters, it’s an ideal opportunity to gather assets. To do this, you simply need to tap on Rebirth. From that point forward, your characters will restore and begin their fight once again, and you will get the assets they got for the past fight into your stock. In this way, the place of the game is to go through however many floors as would be prudent during every existence of your characters.

Material tab

I suggest checking this tab with the expectation of complimentary space for materials prior to utilizing Rebirth. However, regardless of whether the spot is finished, at that point you will just see a message about the scarcity in that department, and after you discharge the spaces, essentially rehash the Rebirth on the Battle tab. The quantity of spaces in this tab can be expanded. Indeed, it will cost you EOS, and significantly two or three expansions. For instance: here I have effectively a day and a half, and the accompanying 4 will cost me 0.4 EOS. Yet! You can generally arrange or sell the plunder, and along these lines let loose space. In the screen capture beneath, you can perceive how I a few things for reusing (Trash). While arranging, you generally receive Water consequently, it is essential to step up a character or improve a thing, say your champion’s hatchet.

Item Tab

While there is a fight, which on normal requires 10-15 minutes at my level, you can go making. You can make straightforwardly from the tabs of the characters, just as tapping on the material in the stock will be offered a rundown, everything being equal, or weapons in the specialty of which this material is utilized.

Absolute: our stock is isolated into 2 sacks Materials and Items, the first contains materials for making, and the second contains the created things themselves. The game has a convenient rundown where you can see every one of the accessible things. I encourage you to acquaint yourself with it, so as not to sell or trade materials for water that you may require.

Pets tab

Here you can notice your pets. On the characters tab, you can allocate one pet to every one of them. Every one of the pets has its own arrangement of attributes, after you appoint a pet to a character, their qualities will be summarized. I note that pets give a huge lift as far as attributes, so it’s very worth putting resources into them. After you utilize the capacity of getting PET GACHA pets a few times, you will see that pets of a similar kind can be consolidated, and subsequently siphon their qualities. In the screen capture above, you can see that a portion of my pets are underlined in green – this implies that I have gathered an adequate number of similar sort of species and can improve them, this activity requires a specific measure of water, you can see a model in the image underneath.

The primary offers us the chance to see your buy log (purchage) and (deals) in the game, the settings window (settings) and the news source. Here you can see the quantity of EOS that I procured myself at the hour of this composition – these are unassuming (why you will comprehend unobtrusive perusing the article as far as possible) 10,6 EOS, and I invested all the energy around 5 EOS, primarily for purchasing water.

The second shows us the best 50 players, by the quantity of finished floors. Additionally, from this rating, we have the chance to see the characters of these players, who dresses in what and in particular, which details are centered around.

The last symbol permits us to pick the region where we will pass the floors. The landscape opens bit by bit when the fitting level is reached, at any rate by one of your characters. The higher the level required, the more prominent the general possibility of an uncommon drop. Additionally in the screen capture underneath you can see that the probabilities of explicit components are appeared on every territory: plants, metals, bones, skins, and valuable stones.


A couple of tips and answers to possible questions that may be useful to you.

  1. Each activity in the game asks Scatter for affirmation. Some of them can be computerized by adding to the white rundown. Likewise, now and again the game holds tight a portion of the activities, all that should be done is just to reload the program page, yet this happens once in a while in me, and doesn’t cause bother.
  2. From the earliest starting point of the game I prescribe to spend beginning water on pets. I don’t suggest taking these for 100 and 500 waters, it is smarter to put resources into 1000 and 5000, the opportunity to get great is a lot higher there, and I don’t perceive any modest sense even at the 8 level. not to mention improve them for water, I think of it as a counter-intuitive misuse of a particularly helpful component as Water.
  3. Kraft. what questions would you be able to have? Opening the window of every one of your things in the upper right corner of the symbol you can watch the rates. The truth of the matter is that the attributes of similar sort of items are not indistinguishable. While making every one of them, you have a pool with a base and most extreme worth, for instance, in the screen capture beneath, the HP has a robe from 333 to 407. Thus, while making, this worth will be appointed haphazardly, and with every improvement of this thing, the distinction from least to greatest will just increment. All together not to continually take a gander at these markers and entered rates from a higher place, they show how close the aggregate attributes of your subject to the greatest.
  4. Amalgamation. Novices actually have the subject of how to appropriately improve a thing at the 2 level or more. The primary concern here is the main thing. For instance, you nakraftil 3 thing: 90%, 60% and 3%. Presently the character is wearing 60% garments, along these lines, all together not to wreck, you should initially change the character into a 90% item, at that point you will actually want to blend as in the screen capture underneath, jab and imprint 60% and 3% articles. The fundamental standard: IMPORTANT, just the main article, and afterward what you siphon it doesn’t make any difference. To make a thing of the 3 level you as of now need a thing of a similar sort 3, so don’t race to squander water and overhaul the thing. By relationship with the screen capture underneath, I clarify: I never figured out how to create a decoration with great execution, so I simply synchronize the one that is 38%, this permits me not to score a knapsack, and the spot in it is EOS when I get the normal% , at that point lvl apnu, for all that is. Try not to fear articles won’t vanish anyplace, just summarized, in my award, as should be obvious, effectively 8 pieces. It is likewise sensible that the offer of a wrap cost over the cost of the materials spent will end up being just on things with a high%, else it is simpler to just purchase materials available and create precisely something very similar. Also, it is from here that we can presume that the assets for significant level things are not productive to sell, however just in the event that you have not one of the 4 uncommon materials. All in all, if there is a chance to make, I would suggest making, and as of now settle on a choice to sell dependent on the interest got.
  5. Mechanics of battle. All things considered, what would i be able to say. The primary concerns are that a few hours of play, our Russian resourcefulness would not power you to invest energy changing characters into garments with “best of luck” and back. The quantity of finished floors and plunder from them is determined by the framework at the earliest reference point during resurrection, you just see the image of the fight, and when evolving garments, say pets, during the fight a punishment is forced on you, which brings down the quantity of these floors and it appears to be an opportunity for a drop, consequently don’t sit around idly. This second was clarified exhaustively by the game engineer himself in the game station messages.
  6. Karma. She likewise had a ton of inquiries toward the beginning of the game. Karma influences the opportunity to drop more uncommon materials and art things with higher rates. Toward the start of the game it looks bad to mess with it, however the further you ascend the advancement stepping stool, the more you will feel its need. Rather than telling about it, I think that its simpler to bring an illustration of a best 1 player (the screen capture underneath). The pet, the weapon and the ring, from the entire assortment are picked correctly those whose subsequent trademark is karma. Etc every one of the characters. This clarifies the mystery, or it was reported for Korean players that every one of the 3-s of the things got is “mined” by one of the 3 characters, individually, it is his karma, and not the absolute for the entire group, that influences the nature of your plunder.


What we have and what is the significance of the game: you spend fights, get assets, create gear, improve it to continue endlessly. You can exchange, at that point see with your own eyes and figure how you can do it all the more viably. All things considered, you must be happy for yourself, the engineers and the cryptogaming business all in all.

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