Beyond the Void: A Review of the Game

Past the Void is an allowed to-play Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game which consolidates a great deal of unique fixings including a Cryptocurrency Economy. As a Real-time Strategy game in space, players go head to head One-to-One, lead their military to overcome their rival and vanquish a whole close planetary system.

The game economy is worked around the blockchain innovation and utilizations Nexium (NXC) as a game symbolic which goes about as the spine motor of Beyond the Void. The Token drives the Economy in the game and is worked through a brilliant agreement on the Ethereum stage; custom Ethereum shrewd agreements are sponsored by Nexium crypto tokens to make a blockchain-based economy inside the game. By consolidating blockchain innovation and diversion, the group feels it is beginning a recent fad in the realm of internet gaming.

Players will actually want to utilize Nexium to purchase unique and interesting in-game things. Past the Void allows gaming aficionados the opportunity of genuine responsibility for the things purchased. Every one of the components you can purchase in the shop (spaceship skins, pictures, occasion cards) are enlisted on the blockchain which permits marking the genuine responsibility for things. Free trade of these things is worked with by a blockchain-based market.

Game History

“Many years prior, individuals found the most remarkable matter known to mankind, called ‘the 3D shape.’ This great disclosure achieved another sort of innovation that empowered them to go among the stars. Before long, be that as it may, stores of the ‘3D shapes’ came up short. These individuals needed to extend much further, and extraordinary respectable families did battle to control the valuable matter. With the assistance of its partners, the most remarkable honorable family achieved harmony and established a galactic realm. The families, known as houses, were the Harkon, Asgar, Syan, Morsith and Estherid. Presently, 3D shapes just found in wild frameworks past the edge of the system. The Barons of the houses will successfully get them. Skippers with amazing Motherships battle in their names for the control of the 3D squares.”

Game Interface

The game interface is genuinely straightforward. You need to utilize the mouse and console to play this one! One of the primary elements of the game is the Event Cards, and players should utilize extraordinary keys to initiate them.

The two game guides are additionally exceptionally accommodating. By utilizing them, the player can smooth out their developments through the mission map. The game appearance is really magnificent, complete with exceptionally light tones in the general climate.


The game is very much evolved and offers a noteworthy plan. Each guide has the equivalent ongoing interaction arrangement, however an alternate design. Players can investigate the universe, the red cloud where old antiquities are drifting or even the poisonous framework where legendary animals advance. Blocks are the primary asset.

Shapes are the asset utilized for basically everything in the game. With the 3D shape, you can assemble and redesign rings, vanquish planets, utilize your abilities, etc. Each planet produces three reapers who can accumulate solid shapes from the mother’s planet moon, or from a close by space rock ring. Those new to PC games will likewise have a great deal of help from the Game Advisor which will go about as a guide all through the game.

Past the Void is a one-versus-one fight against another player. The player will be in charge of one Mothership, which will be among the most remarkable warships known to mankind. Gamers will actually want to modify their Motherships with Skills and can shape the guide with Event cards.

The guide of Beyond the Void, of course, contains six planets you can vanquish and a few space rock fields where you can discover Cubes. Everything is in consistent development, circling around the sun making the format change for each new game.


Motherships are the most remarkable warships in the cosmic system and the main piece of the player’s arsenal. Every mothership has extraordinary qualities and shortcomings, so players need to utilize them carefully since, in such a case that they lose the mothership, they lose the game. Notwithstanding its remarkable plan, every mothership has two amazing abilities; an extreme and an inactive expertise. These two abilities make flying a mothership a novel encounter. A definitive is an incredible ability, explicit to a mothership. It is novel and can be “distinct advantage,” normally with a long cooldown. Figuring out how and when to utilize your definitive can dominate the match for you. The inactive can be very perplexing. It impacts the interactivity of the player’s mothership, from securing units to shrouding the units around the player. The aloof can change everything a player thinks about the fight.

The mothership can overcome planets during the game. Planets are the center of a player mastery over a close planetary system. Planets can assemble satellites and go about as a protection tower as well. On the off chance that the adversary armada comes excessively close, it will endure the impacts of the planetary safeguard framework.

Motherships can be redone with three sorts of abilities; Movement, Offensive, and Utility.

Development influences the player units development; Offensive builds the opportunity and force of the harm players can apply to the adversary and Utility can have different impacts, for example, boosting your armada, armada fixing and crippling your foe.

By utilizing these abilities and the mothership, the interactivity can uphold a wide range of methodologies, and you can consolidate them to guarantee triumph. You can likewise fabricate spaceships with their planet’s satellites and can have an armada. The armada can be made out of a wide range of boats, from little, quick frigates, to help units that can fix your boats during fight or safeguard your space rock field just as substantial destroyers.

Event cards

Occasion cards are likewise perhaps the main pieces of the game. Before the match begins, you can pick at least one occasion cards to play, and each card specifically affects the game.

With Event Cards, players examine shape the world, change the standards, or bring content during the game. Since Event Cards are critical, the gamers need to realize its particular impacts to all the more likely join them and utilize various systems. A few cards can be utilized free of charge during multi week. On the off chance that you need to open an Event Card forever, you need to get it in the shop utilizing Nexium.


The group has likewise fostered a Shop where members can utilize Nexium to purchase a great deal of one of a kind and unique things. There are a few vanity resources in the shop. Every mothership has a few substitute appearances that are accessible in the shop. The store will likewise permit players to purchase or exchange resources with others, similar to an additional ware, since you can likewise openly exchange straightforwardly on the blockchain. Starter packs will likewise allow members to hop into the game with some motherships, abilities, and reward content previously opened. Aside from the starter packs gamers can likewise utilize a GP Boost which will permit them to acquire focuses toward the finish of a game.

The improvement group is additionally getting ready to deliver new resources consistently. These will incorporate Motherships, Skills, Event cards, and vanity content. En route, the group will likewise give uncommon consideration to adjust and ongoing interaction mechanics to make the interactivity significantly more pleasant and intriguing to play.

Pros and Cons

With respect to the Pros; the game has astounding ongoing interaction and a straightforward and all around planned interface. Having the option to purchase, exchange and guarantee responsibility for things is additionally solid a central issue. The game construction and the manner in which you need to utilize Event cards deliberately is likewise one of the perspectives making it very fascinating. For those science fiction and procedure game sweethearts, this is clearly one piece they won’t have any desire to miss.

Taking a gander at the Cons, there isn’t a lot to bring up; nonetheless, one of the negative angles is the way that the game can’t be played on cell phones. Not having the option to play against a few rivals is likewise one of the disadvantages.

Past the Void, offers a novel round of space fights. The ongoing interaction is really fun and unique with a great deal of extraordinary highlights to be found. In the event that you are one of those individuals who love Real-time Strategy games, Beyond the Void will unquestionably be a stunning encounter.

The beta adaptation of the game is accessible to play on the ends of the week while the last form is expected June 2017, where the game will be under nonstop advancement to enlarge the essential prospects, in-game things, and game substance.

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