Crypto Space Commander (CSC): Guide. How to begin playing?

In this mini guide we’ll help a newcomer to the Crypto Space Commander (CSC) space MMO crypto game. The project is in Alpha testing phase.

We’ve been following the project closely since 2018 (since the presale), but until the February patches came out the game lacked content for a full game, so we didn’t really want to “get into” it. In February, Kraft was introduced (v.0.8+), and even earlier the in-game market, i.e. there was an opportunity to speculate on digital assets and earn money in the game.


So, in order to start playing the game, you need to register on the official website, link your ETH wallet (you can learn what an ETH wallet is and how to create one in the Academy section) to your account and buy the game in Steam, or download it directly (you can get the link to the latest version of the game in the official Discord or Telegram).

*If you buy the game on Steam, you won’t have to worry about upgrades, a starter pack will also be issued. If you don’t want to pay for the game on Steam, you’ll have to buy some sort of ship anyway.

Choice of activities

The CSC has several ways of earning money:

  • transportation of passengers/cargo;
  • crafting modules/ships;
  • mining and recycling;
  • PVE;
  • PVP (this type of earning will be more relevant to the release).

I think the most suitable for a beginner is mining, transporting passengers and small cargo.

*Based on your chosen activity you will need a spaceship.


The variety of spaceships in CSC is vast. There is a suitable ship for every budget and activity. From very small (Scout) to huge (Dreadnaught). Check out the official website for a complete listing in the Catalog section.

*Any ship can be equipped for any task. The modular system allows you to fine-tune the ship based on personal preferences of the player. For example, a mining ship can be turned into a combat ship and vice versa.

A game with no investment

The life of a player who didn’t splurge on a more or less working ship at the start of their game will be hard. The starter kit when you buy the game on Steam has a very low chance of generating a non-good ship. Mostly players get an interpid: the Vanguard SE. It’s a very small courier ship, with low payload and few module slots.

You can do very light cargo missions with appropriate rewards. Can mine, but not for very long. You can deliver personnel, but you need to buy passenger cabin modules.

Due to the low speed and payload capacity of the starting ships, the time to farm better transports can be inadequately long.

A game with a minimum investment

If you have the opportunity to invest from ~0.19 ETH (04.05.2020), this is the minimum amount for a decent passenger ship – Oasis. This ship is very appreciated for its high factory speed.

If you want to get into mining or shipping, the Firecat (~0.39 ETH)/Prospector (~0.5 ETH) or Voyager MP (~0.25 ETH) are good starter ships.

If you have a predisposition for PVE, the Corvette MP (~0.3 ETH) is a good option.

*PVE activities are almost useless without a Prometheus class ship, Corsair class ships and below are tough to take down most monsters.

**Check the ship’s specs before buying, some ships have buffs/debuffs and add-on modules. Investments can range from 0.1 to 30+ ETH


Crypto Space Commander has a well implemented in-game market. Any items (modules, resources, ships, etc.) can be sold/bought for in-game GRP currency, donated GFC or sold for ETH, for example on OpenSea, later you can bypass a third party and trade in ETH within the game.

*To sell an item on OpenSea you will need to smint it (create it), price of mint 50 GFC/item + transfer 25 GFC.
**Any of the three currencies are freely exchangeable between players.


This is a tricky one, as it depends on your strategy, activities and time spent in the game.

For example, having a Prometheus class ship and mining rare and higher ore in distant systems (one way flight takes at least an hour), you can get 5-20k+ GRP from selling unprocessed ore at market price (depends on ore). Current exchange rate: 1k GRP = ~0.01 ETH (exchange rate is floating/contractual).


Crypto Space Commander is a promising long-running project from a great studio. This project has good earning potential. The current game is version 0.9+, so it’s time to get in!

In future releases we’ll try to break down every aspect of the game in more detail.

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