What is Bitcoin Lifestyle and what can I do with it?

In Bitcoin Lifestyle review says that it is an algorithm that automates cryptocurrency trading by scanning markets and historical data. As well as using technological solutions such as AI, it also uses natural language processing to access news, read charts and gain broader insights. It is claimed that this is how Bitcoin Lifestyle Robot generates profits by using its algorithm, which is 0.01 seconds ahead of the market.

Apart from this, it also provides an experienced trader with wider access to trading signals by reading and processing data at a much faster rate than human capacity. It allows faster analysis of charts that can give an experienced trader clues on which assets to buy, when to open them and when to close them. Bitcoin Lifestyle offers manual trading options that work with predefined conditions set by each trader.

How does Bitcoin Lifestyle work?

Bitcoin Lifestyle’s automated software analyses a huge amount of data to extract the best positions to open and close a trade. Trading is facilitated through partnerships with robots that offer cryptocurrency trading on their platforms. An API connects the robot’s platform to your broker’s trading account and constantly sends trading signals to the broker, which then executes the respective trade accordingly.

Bitcoin Lifestyle key questions, all answered!

Which broker can I use with Bitcoin Lifestyle?

According to their website, Bitcoin Lifestyle works with regulated and trusted cryptocurrency brokers that provide users with a secure environment for trading cryptocurrencies online. This can include recognised broker names such as 24option and UFX.

Which cryptocurrencies are supported?

Bitcoin Lifestyle has a very small number of supported cryptocurrencies. Currently, trading on the platform is limited to these:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • EOS (EOS)

Can I use Bitcoin Lifestyle on mobile phones and desktops?

Yes, the platform is compatible with any version of a desktop. While there is no mobile app available, any user can trade via the mobile web browser using an existing internet connection.

Can I trade assets with leverage?

Yes. Bitcoin Lifestyle offers trading with leverage of up to 1:1000. In other words, you can trade 1000 times the capital invested. This is because the robot has linked up with cryptocurrency brokers who also offer leveraged trading. However, the higher the leverage, the greater the risk. You can lose an enormous amount of money, including your capital, if things don’t go your way. Therefore, it is always good advice to start small.

Can I open long and short positions?

Yes, you can open long and short positions on Bitcoin Lifestyle. You can also enter manual trading conditions and the robot will only place the trade when the crypto asset hits the specific position.

A trader takes a “long” position when he expects the price of a particular cryptocurrency to rise. A “short” position is when the trader bets that the price of the cryptocurrency will move down.

What are the payment methods and deposit and withdrawal limits?

The minimum deposit amount is €250, which you can pay with payment methods such as Visa, Mastercard, Skrill and Neteller.

There are no limits on withdrawals and a merchant can access it at any time. The amount is transferred to the user’s account within 24 hours.

Are there any costs and fees associated with this?

No, Bitcoin Lifestyle does not charge any fees or levies for registration. It takes its profits in the form of commissions while you trade with the registered trader.

How do I get paid? What about withdrawals?

Your winnings are transferred directly to your bank account when you provide the details.

What is the registration and verification process?

Signing up and registering for an account with Bitcoin Lifestyle is free and can be completed in a few simple steps. It requires you to provide basic details such as your name and email address and set a password. Your account will be verified within a few minutes. However, please note that registration will only be successful if the broker partners are also available in your country.

At the time of withdrawing funds from your account, you will need to submit your valid identity details. This is a necessary step as all brokers are subject to anti-money laundering laws.

What is the n customer service?

Before registering, you have the option to contact Bitcoin Lifestyle via a form on the broker’s website. After registration, you have 24/7 customer service. This includes email and phone options.

How does it compare to other autotraders?

Bitcoin Era is one of the most requested apps compared to its competitors; Bitcoin Profit, Bitcoin Era and Bitcoin Trader. While they all offer very similar products, there are important differences in the way they work, which makes Bitcoin Era one of the best. We recommend taking a look at our list of the best Bitcoin robots before signing up for an account.

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