War of Crypto: Should You Play?

Battle of Crypta is an ongoing battling game that highlights ENJ-sponsored collectible characters. It is likewise known by its past name, War of Crypto.

Battle of Crypta is currently accessible for iOS for beta testing and coming soon for Android.

This article will clarify what is known so far about War of Crypta, including Hero types, IVs, Personality, Crypto Dust, Tiers, Evolution, and then some.

In the event that you’ve known about War of Crypta and considered what is the issue here, read on to discover.

War of Crypta Game Features

The War of Crypta advancement group has given some data about how the game will contrast from others in this sort. Here is the thing that we know so far about the highlights of the game.

Hero rarities

War of Crypta characters are called Heroes. Heroes come in six rarities: commonuncommonrareepiclegendary, and special.

Hero types

Saints are classified into 10 distinct sorts. Each type is particularly successful against one other sort and particularly ineffectual against another.

For instance, a Sun-type Hero will do half harm against an Ocean or Stone sort, yet 2x harm against a Frost, Mech, or Nature type.

Here is a finished rundown of Hero types:


Every Hero has five details: assault, safeguard, speed, HP, and basic.

The base number for each of these details is something similar for each duplicate of a specific saint. But since of Individual Values (IVs), the real details change.

Individual Values (IVs)

Right now a Hero is printed, an irregular number from 1-28 is moved for each detail. This number is added to the base detail for the Hero. Thus, every individual Hero is remarkable.

Each time a Hero is stamped, there will be a 1 out of 17,210,368 possibility that it will have max details (base + 28 in each detail). In the event that a Hero has max details, it will be incredibly uncommon and significant.


Every Hero has a Personality that it procures right now of printing. The Personality procured is resolved haphazardly, and there are 28 absolute prospects.

Every Personality attribute lessens one detail and builds another. For instance, Intrepid increments basic and decreases HP while Calm builds safeguard and lessens speed.

The Personality of a Hero further recognizes it from others and adds to its uniqueness. Here is a rundown of each of the 21 attributes.

  • Balanced
  • Fighter
  • Healthy
  • Moody
  • Cautious
  • Energetic
  • Aggressive
  • Protective
  • Intrepid
  • Relaxed
  • Gloomy
  • Charismatic
  • Vigorous
  • Easygoing
  • Arrogant
  • Humble
  • Creative
  • Flexible
  • Mysterious
  • Calm
  • Clever

Crypto Dust

In War of Crypta, Heroes don’t acquire experience focuses when they win fights. All things being equal, the player procures a money called Crypto Dust. Crypto Dust can be utilized on any Hero the player controls, not simply the ones utilized in the specific fight.

Crypto Dust isn’t a digital currency and can’t be exchanged to different players.

At the point when Crypto Dust is utilized on a specific Hero, the Hero’s level bar part of the way tops off. At the point when the bar is totally full, the Hero acquires a level.

More elevated level Heroes acquire incredible abilities and capacities.

Tiers and Evolution

At the point when a Hero arrives at max level, this doesn’t imply that its movement is finished. An Evolution Stone can be utilized on a maximum level character to cause it to develop into another Hero of a higher level.

Legends of higher levels have all the more remarkable capacities. They likewise appear to be unique when contrasted with the lower level characters they developed from.

The designer has not clarified how Evolution Stones will be gained. They could be either store buys or in-game prizes.

War of Crypta demo video

The developer has released a demo video showing what gameplay will look like. Here is what it shows:

Information Hub

At the highest point of the fight screen is the Information Hub for both the player and his rival. The player’s Information Hub shows his present Hero’s HP and a rundown of Heroes held available for later.

The adversary’s Information Hub gives comparative data, then again, actually the Heroes the rival has not utilized are not appeared.

Score and timer

Between every Information Hub is the current score and time left in the match.

Each time the adversary’s Hero is crushed, the player gets a point. In the event that the entirety of the rival’s Heroes are crushed, the player consequently wins. On the off chance that time expires, the player with the most focuses wins.

Moves Bar

At the lower part of the screen is the Moves Bar. This is a progression of catches that can be pushed to initiate the Hero’s capacities. At the point when Heroes are changed out, these catches change.

At the base left of each catch is the measure of endurance needed to actuate the capacity. In the base right is the measure of harm the capacity bargains.

In a new blog entry, the designer has expressed there is more intricacy to the game than might show up from simply taking a gander at the Moves Bar.

A few capacities have impacts like changing out the assault and protection of a rival or copying a past move at a lower cost. And all capacities have individual cooldowns notwithstanding their endurance cost.

Stamina Bar

Underneath the Moves Bar is the Stamina Bar. Each time a capacity is utilized, it brings about a specific expense as far as endurance. At the point when this bar gets totally vacant, the Hero can presently don’t utilize any moves.

On the off chance that the Hero plays out no activities, the endurance bar will continually recover. Attempting to oversee endurance costs while as yet doing the most extreme conceivable harm is a vital test in the game.

Battle Log

In the lower-left of the screen is a fight log that shows what capacities have been utilized. Over the long run, A player can utilize this data to comprehend the abilities of his rival and respond to them better.

Battle main area

In the screen is the fundamental region where the entirety of the fight livelinesss happen. In the current demo, each character has three movements; one each for assaulting, getting hit, and sitting inactive.


It’s too early to realize whether War of Crypta (in the past War of Crypto) will be a pleasant game. The demo adaptation appeared in the video appears to be basic. However, the dev group says it is chipping away at making the battles more mind boggling.

The dev group claims it has completed the entirety of the collectible highlights of the game, however is still adjusting the fight framework.

At the point when a beta form is delivered, we ought to have the option to play War of Crypta and improve thought with respect to what it will resemble in the public delivery.

Meanwhile, this article has clarified what we are aware of the game up until now. We’ve gone over the character attributes, Hero types, details, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

We trust this data has assisted you with concluding whether to engage with this task as an authority or beta analyzer.

What’s your opinion about the War of Crypta demo video? Does the battling appear to be excessively straightforward? Or on the other hand is it a decent initial beginning for what at last might be an extraordinary computerized collectible game?

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